How to Choose the Right Hemp Tincture

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If you’re new to the hemp tincture space, you likely have an abundance of questions. To clear things up, CBD (hemp) is not pot or marijuana and will not cause any psychoactive effects, as the THC content is less than 0.3 percent. Our hemp tincture is being used to address and support your immune and nervous system, balance the inflammatory response, modulate a healthy blood pressure, and help in symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Scientists often refer to CBD as a “promiscuous” compound because of its ability to treat and address multiple health issues at a time. So, you may be taking a hemp tincture for sleep support, and it may also help reduce your anxiety.

It’s also good to point out here that the hemp oil you find in the grocery store is not a CBD product and will not address concerns that CBD does. While hemp oil is wonderful nutritionally, providing an abundance of healthy omega fats and proteins, it is not a supplement, like our hemp tincture. The same is true for hemp hearts (hemp seeds); they are delicious to eat plain and cook with, but they contain little to no CBD.

How do I choose the right hemp tincture?

Many hemp tinctures will come in a variety of potencies that you can choose to best address your health issue. But, where do you begin? Do you start with lowest potency, or go straight for the highest one? In terms of CBD dosing, more is not necessarily always better. In our society, the conventional wisdom seems to be if a small amount works, a large amount will be even better.

Hemp tinctures and how you dose them will be unique to you — it’s very individualized. When you begin with a hemp tincture, remember, you can always take more or less of the tincture. If you start with a small amount and don’t notice it addressing the symptoms you want to tackle, wait and then take a little more. On the other hand, if you’re taking a high potency and it’s working well but you want to see if a little less will work the same, try it! With hemp products, you are your own best guinea pig!

Hemp is very powerful because it calls you to be mindful of how you feel before and after it is taken. It requires introspection and awareness that pharmaceuticals do not and will never provide. The adage in our community is “start low, go slow.”


How do you take a hemp tincture?

Our hemp tincture is recommended to be taken in one full dropper once daily. When you’re dealing with inflammation issues or pain, you can always break the dosage and take half a dropper in the morning and the other half at night.

People always ask if they need to take the tincture with food. You may take the hemp tincture with or without food; however, it’s best absorbed on an empty stomach or consumed with a little fat (avocado, nuts, etc), since it is fat soluble.

How will my body react to CBD?

Again, every person will react and respond differently to our hemp tincture based on the health issues they’re dealing with. It sounds vague and like a blanket statement, but it will be different for everyone because again, everyone is an individual.

People are very curious to know when it will start working for them, and again, it will vary. Some people notice an improvement in a couple of hours, and for others, it may take more saturation of the CBD and up to a week.

It the herbal community it is always good practice to take the full bottle of the tincture (if there are no negative issues) to give it time to work with your body. When taking the hemp tincture, be consistent and notice how it’s making you feel.

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