Hemp Protein Powder (16oz) [THC/CBD-FREE]

Wild West Weed and Seed

  • $19.99

Hemp Protein Powder

Protein Supplement for Athletes

  • Excellent Source of Protein and Amino Acids
  • Muscle Fuel
  • 100% Natural
  • Rebuild Muscle
  • No THC

Hemp Protein Powder is a supplement that can be used to enhance total protein. Use of protein powder is a common practice for athletes because it helps build muscle mass, strength and is easy to digest. Hemp protein powder is made from the entire hemp seed that is an excellent source of protein because it has all the known amino acids. These amino acids and carbohydrates are the fuel that muscles burn for energy. Their metabolism is more direct and requires less processing by the liver.

Despite the stigma when it comes to hemp, there is no high, no THC, no drowsiness. Instead, you get an anti-inflammatory that rebuilds muscle and is 100% natural. This product does not contain CBD or THC.

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